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animation trials

So, my proposal for this project was that I’d collect a few stories about their imaginary friends and create an animation based on their descriptions. Then I’d ask them where they’d like to see their imaginary friend and project the animation in that location.

I came into various external and internal difficulties:

– It was hard getting the kids to commit to a meeting time especially when they hadn’t finished their homework or projects.

– Children get sick.

– Laptops never have enough memory and eventually crash unexpectedly.

– Flash is awesome, but sucks when it must close unexpectedly.

Anyhow, the following is documentation of an animation I was able to restore.

This one almost didn’t show up at all.

This one is better projected, but it looks more distorted in the quicktime.

These following videos are of the animations alone, not projected.

I’m still trying to recover the squirrel animation, but the first time I projected it, it didn’t come through. I’m going to switch projectors next time. I don’t think this one was ideal for this project.


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woweee WOW! i had such a fuckin awesome sophomore review on Friday!! maricones!! my fuckin puppet paintings kicked ass- even though i didn’t even show them… whateves.


::insert zena’s little dance here::



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Here’s my second attempt at the animation. Click here.

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so I made my first go round of my animation, but as you will see it’s way too fast. So, here is a really quick 10 sec preview. I’m going to have to create multiples of my character as this one didn’t stand up to the 10 sec. challenge.

Until Monday



ps… it takes a while to load… I’ll make it in a different format for Monday.

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only zombies live in new york city.

come back home, please

– z

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sound project number 2

so, with this project i tried to conceptually tried to create a soundscape of my mind using recorded noises from my home. The repetitive-ness of this is based on the fact that my life with a family has become stuck in a rhythm of in some sense “mundane” doxa. And it’s frustrating when I used to be so spontaneous and random and now I’m forced to be practical and scheduled. blah. which is one of the reasons I want to get out of here. Anyhow, I recorded two voice tracks, white noise from home, and my daughter’s xylophone.

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