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Sorry it’s late, Golan!

I read the article by Luigi Russolo called ‘The Art of Noises’ written in 1913. So, just as my generation for the most part has never experienced life without computing technology, Russolo’s generation was born into a machine world and it’s only appropriate that the generation question the technology and it’s capabilities. What’s interesting to see how much convincing Russolo had to do in order to prove his point that we can make music out of anything and everything with the right composition; which today, I feel, is common knowledge… Sounds like the music world was just as stubborn as the art world. I thought it was funny that throughout the essay Russolo said that traditional music instruments could only make so many sounds and tones and that now it’s just plain boring. I also ran into his compositions on UBU!

The second article I read was “Noise Water Meat” by Douglas Khan. I wasn’t thrilled with the entire article itself, but two things struck me as most interesting. The first was this image of The Soundscape. And I was really taken by the area of human audibility that wasn’t touched by Western music art. I’m curious to see how much of this has changed with sythe music and pop high freq songs.

soundscapeThe second interesting point made by Khan was the idea that there’s always a line between music and noise. And even though one might use noise to create harmonies or traditional melodic tunes, or manipulate noise to make it sound musical, we don’t unsegregate the two types of sounds. I will admit, that the amplitude and frequency of the noise does have a huge stake for me to consider it music (enjoyable or tolerable to my ears) or noise (annoying to my ears). The higher the amplitude and freqency the noisier it gets.


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Before I saw this video, I was not naive to the idea that there was a market for fake art or hand-painted copies of famous work, but I was naive to the idea that there would be an assembly line fashion to these copies which contain thousands of “painter workers” just trying to pay the bills. I cried when I found out about this factory approach to painting. One of the reasons I was so heart-broken was due to feeling of exploitation of the painters and to some degree the works themselves. As my professor, Golan Levin, said: For an extra few dollars we can get a hand painted oil painting of an image that is of the same size as a high quality digital print. WTF!

But as I sit here and ponder whether or not the artists are being exploited, I think important to note that I’ve never seen any real evidence of exploitation: improper ventilation, improperly discarding toxic waste (oil paints and turpentine!), insufficient pay, etc. I would be very interested in seeing a documentary of the various conditions of the painter workers (assuming that the painters who have had years of experience and get paid much more than other painters who have never gone to school for art).

And as for the art works themselves…most of those painters are dead, why not let someone who needs the money make money off their idea, right? I will admit that I do find it rather interesting that the Chinese industrious factory mentality is really leaking into every market, no matter how refined it may be (or may have been).

So, I had originally thought that my image of the babies and brains was going to be somewhat interesting, but I guess I’ll have to go to the morge and steel a human brain so I can take pictures of it and put plastic babies on it… but then why don’t I just pour the plastic babies on it, take the photo and be done with it (without having to photoshop anything). boring. I’ve come to find out that the purpose of the image was so we could send it off to a chinese art shop so they can paint it. With that said, I’m more interested in having them paint a painting that I painted onto burlap to get a desired effect (based off a digitally enhanced photo).

amor perdido

I want to thank Golan for this awakening.


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The photo on the left is the product of a failed friendship with Carlos Franqui.

What I sympathized most about this photo are  Franqui’s feelings after discovering his disappearance in the photos. Maybe it’s similar to being de-friended on facebook? I know I was awfully confused when I was de-friended by my own roomate. WTF

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I’m a bad performer. I feel to self-conscious, and strangely enough admire those silly people that can just talk to the camera without hesitation. I’m on par with Marine in feeling exposed.

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This is where I took my first breath, where my life would commence my dieing. Where the man whose semen impregnated my mother would begin to regret yet never subside his abusive nature towards her. Crying babies carrying rifles. Apartment complexes of uniformity. It disgusts me.

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what’s the education system going to look like when the educators realize a major portion of their excellent students don’t go to school anymore? These students are so motivated that they go after material they want to learn with other motivated students (be they old or young) via blogs (potential affinity spaces) with other experts and curious students.

I wonder if my little girl will be logging via video to her third grade class room teacher…

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