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here’s an old flash project that I projected on my neighborhood buildings in Wilkinsburg, PA. and here’s the documentation of the actual projection. It began with me sitting at the corner collecting flowers drawn by the pedestrians that passed me by, then I scanned the flowers and turned them into a looping animation via flash (my first experience with flash). I later projected the animation with the hopes that more neighbors would come and see it. But it sparked really excellent conversation about property owners and the possibilities with a neighborhood that does have many abandoned properties. 🙂


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unit 60

So, I don’t like my sound collage for this assignment. What I did was take a couple layers of the collage and make the animation to that.

Everything kept working against me in this project. If it wasn’t cause the program kept quitting on my poor excuse of a home computer [and dumbie over here wasn’t saving as constantly as she should have] , it was cause Sawyer’s curiosity led her steal my flash drive. … I still don’t know where that damn thing is. Hopefully I find it before we start the stop motion project. I had some really good stuff on it that was layered scanned images. I suppose it looked mosaic-like…

To say the least this is a frustrated last attempt to show that I understand how to use flash…

note to self: don’t underestimate the length of time it takes to export…

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Why isn’t this linking directly to the pdf? Instead it’s going to another page where you have to open the pdf…

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Before I saw this video, I was not naive to the idea that there was a market for fake art or hand-painted copies of famous work, but I was naive to the idea that there would be an assembly line fashion to these copies which contain thousands of “painter workers” just trying to pay the bills. I cried when I found out about this factory approach to painting. One of the reasons I was so heart-broken was due to feeling of exploitation of the painters and to some degree the works themselves. As my professor, Golan Levin, said: For an extra few dollars we can get a hand painted oil painting of an image that is of the same size as a high quality digital print. WTF!

But as I sit here and ponder whether or not the artists are being exploited, I think important to note that I’ve never seen any real evidence of exploitation: improper ventilation, improperly discarding toxic waste (oil paints and turpentine!), insufficient pay, etc. I would be very interested in seeing a documentary of the various conditions of the painter workers (assuming that the painters who have had years of experience and get paid much more than other painters who have never gone to school for art).

And as for the art works themselves…most of those painters are dead, why not let someone who needs the money make money off their idea, right? I will admit that I do find it rather interesting that the Chinese industrious factory mentality is really leaking into every market, no matter how refined it may be (or may have been).

So, I had originally thought that my image of the babies and brains was going to be somewhat interesting, but I guess I’ll have to go to the morge and steel a human brain so I can take pictures of it and put plastic babies on it… but then why don’t I just pour the plastic babies on it, take the photo and be done with it (without having to photoshop anything). boring. I’ve come to find out that the purpose of the image was so we could send it off to a chinese art shop so they can paint it. With that said, I’m more interested in having them paint a painting that I painted onto burlap to get a desired effect (based off a digitally enhanced photo).

amor perdido

I want to thank Golan for this awakening.


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brains and babies

brains and babies

I’m constantly fascinated by babies and how much knowledge they consume everyday as well as how much they forget. Here’s a composite image I created in response to that curiousity.  The brain was provided by rubber slippers in italy and the babies were taken from the Carnegie Mellon Art Store.

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alex and meThis is the original. alex and me copy This is the retouched one.

If a magazine were to do a full page photo of me I wouldn’t want it retouched, even if I had a really bad break out. I’m sure magazine editors wouldn’t appreciate it; maybe the consumers wouldn’t either. But there’s something really gratifying when you put yourself out there, the real you. I’m sure if they were doing an interview on me it would be for discovering miniture worlds in chicken farms or for discovering a mathematical equation that automatically takes from the rich and gives to the poor or for being able to resurrect the sleeping souls of the dead. It would be more awesome to see that regular people can do cool things too, not just celebrities. And given all the perfect faces you see in the magazine covers it would be an eye catcher to see  a normal person.

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