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woweee WOW! i had such a fuckin awesome sophomore review on Friday!! maricones!! my fuckin puppet paintings kicked ass- even though i didn’t even show them… whateves.


::insert zena’s little dance here::




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here’s an old flash project that I projected on my neighborhood buildings in Wilkinsburg, PA. and here’s the documentation of the actual projection. It began with me sitting at the corner collecting flowers drawn by the pedestrians that passed me by, then I scanned the flowers and turned them into a looping animation via flash (my first experience with flash). I later projected the animation with the hopes that more neighbors would come and see it. But it sparked really excellent conversation about property owners and the possibilities with a neighborhood that does have many abandoned properties. 🙂

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Here’s my second attempt at the animation. Click here.

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so I made my first go round of my animation, but as you will see it’s way too fast. So, here is a really quick 10 sec preview. I’m going to have to create multiples of my character as this one didn’t stand up to the 10 sec. challenge.

Until Monday



ps… it takes a while to load… I’ll make it in a different format for Monday.

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